Our Philosophy

Did you know 2.7 billion people around the globe are active on social media? As stated before, how do you expect customers to hear about your business, if you aren’t visible?

Our founder of JB Media, Jacob Bennett is a young entrepreneur, that has formally spotted these gaps within the market. Jacob expresses “Lead businesses with what they want”. That’s what we do. Prioritising our clients is the aim as we strive to build on all their goals for the future.

We don’t like to waste time, and with past experiences, we are more than capable of reaching limits that business owners never thought they could reach. Spending more time on each social media platform will naturally mean customers will have more time to interact with your brand. With the facebook algorithm change in 2012, only 5% of your audience will see your organic posts. With help through our professional services, you will not only get more visibility on your brand, however potential customers that didn’t know you even existed, will certainly know now.

As quoted “Facebook is a wave of the future” as It allows business owners to inspect their audiences and see demographical analytics and plenty of other insights about their Facebook audience.

Don’t let yourselves down, book a discovery call with our team and explore all the aspects as to why JB Media can be the kickstart to your next chapter.